Big brother (or maybe your partner) is watching you...the mobile phone is where the start of the problem arose.

Up until this wonder of modern technology, (maybe not so modern now) came to take over our lives we could go out on our bikes and generally forget the rest of the world existed. When your partner half heartedly waved you goodbye with the words ...'''and don't forget my mother is coming over for lunch, I want you home by 10 so you can go and pick her up"..ringing in your ears, you could arrive home at 12:30 and complain bitterly that you have never had four punctures on one ride before, ever! And if it wasn't for the guy who stopped to help you get out of the ditch after you took a corner too fast you most likely would not have been home to take your mother home!

Sadly the last words you hear now are..'and have you got your mobile, call me if you have a puncture and I'll come and pick you up"...There is no polite reply to that...and now we have sophisticated gadgets that can record every inch of your day, so if your partner is able to hack into your bit of hi-tech hardware,  you had better admit to just riding to the coffee shop, (12 minutes with a tail wind ) and enjoying four soy decaf lattes then sprinting home in seven minutes to give the impression that you have gotten your heart rate up to the "red zone" Best to make it home by 10....