As well as last week's notice in this illustrious publication, I have also just read in an online US bike industry website that the Australian government has imposed a 5% import tax on eBikes that will push up the retail price closer to 10%.

We are not alone. If you just happen to be in the business of importing tools for the slaughtering of goats, you too have joined the 5% club. Were the eBike folk advised? It seems an odd duty, as I do not know of a factory this side of the back of Burke manufacturing eBikes, or goat-garotting-tools come to think of it!

This is not a joke, for many years the Republic of Ireland importer of Italian cycling shoes found that he could legally avoid paying import duty by shipping the left and right shoes separately. And when I imported overshoes and called them (legally) 'spats', they came in duty free.

Time to go and round up the goats.