I enjoy the speed skating at the Winter Olympics and be advised everyone for the first time there is to be a massed start for both women and men on 24th February.
Do not get too excited. It is not 150km around any flat bits of South Korea but just 6,400m in the stadium, with heats and a 24 competitor final. At 6,400m it is not a mass start as we cyclists know it. 
But maybe down the track (if you pardon the pun) a host city will have a river that freezes over that can be used for a mass start of serious distance and a large field. The Dutch ( ice permitting) have a 114km skating event on the canals. Of course Channel 7 will ignore it, concentrating on the figure skating ...WHICH IS NOT A WINTER SPORT...It is how to stay upright on ice!
And why not a cyclocross...start the race outside the stadium then take it inside the stadium with matting layed down over the ice, add hurdles, a sand pit, use the seating steps as run ups and then outside again for a lap around the stadium then back inside. How come I am the only genius to come up with this idea!
Your answers please on a 'Get well' card